PURPOSE & GOALS The Foundation for Healthy Hispanic Families, Inc., (Foundation) purposes to improve the health status and quality of life of Urban Hispanic Families by: i. Raising awareness of significant health issues negatively impacting on the Health, and Quality of Life of low-income, Urban Hispanic Families, ( Target Community) and; ii. Connecting Economically Challenged, Urban Hispanic Families to the many “Free or Low Cost” health programs and service resources that are locally available to them to professionally address these afflicting and pervasive health problems. To accomplish this Mission, the Hispanic Foundation will: Identify the most important and prevalent health issues proven detrimental the Target Community and address these issues through the most effective, culturally sensitive and direct means of communication. Promote concepts of preventive health care with emphasis on the importance of developing and adopting “Healthy Living Habits”; Bring awareness of existing programs that are: <>free of charge or low-cost, <>locally accessible, and are; <>designed to significantly improve their family's health. In general, the Hispanic Foundation will: i. Coordinate professional symposiums and conferences bringing together leading experts in a diversity of medical and mental health fields to provide to local community physicians, other health providers and community based organizations valuable information on health issues affecting urban Hispanic families and proven approaches to servicing this population. ii. Coordinate and provide similar educational conferences to the community–at-large populations in language and form appropriate to community residents and the general public. iii. Communicate and facilitate the connection of urban Hispanic families to existing services that are available through a host of public and private organizations, government agencies, hospitals, educational institutions, health maintenance plans and other non-profit organizations. Getting the Message Out: The Hispanic Foundation will offer pertinent information on locally accessible resources to targeted communities through multiple mediums including:  Public Educational Forums  Professional Workshops & Seminars  Ethnic Print Media  Television & Radio Media  Website Development & Emails  Flyers & Telecommunication, and;  Collaboration with Community Based Organizations Goals: The major goals of the Hispanic Foundation’s Mission are to: i. Educate and raise awareness of specific health problems that are negatively impacting the quality of life of low income, Urban Hispanic families. ii. Facilitate access to these vital and affordable medical, social and mental health services by collaborating with public and private service organizations to develop referral systems, and; iii. Provide the means to avail Quality of Life improvement opportunities to promote a healthier, more productive and aspiring Urban Hispanic Families population. ___________________________________________ Improving Quality of Life through Health Website:




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